Rocks of Prahiña earrings


Different shapes and surfaces reflect the light in different direction, as well as the combination of textures, treatments  and metals that have been employed to create these earrings inspired by a natural landscape.

These earrings are a one-off piece.

Materials: Sterling silver, copper, patina.

Size: 1.4 x 5 cm

Weight per pair: 8.5 gr

Prahiña rock in Madeira

Design in cardboard

The design is inspired by a rocky hill  where the surface is an assemblage of a differently oriented rocks of various shapes and colours playing with the light.

The Rocks of Prahiña earrings were shown first at a Al-Kymia, an exhibition dedicated to Madeira island.

They were afterwards awarded by Flux jewellery school in London for the Jewellery competition – INSPIRED AT FLUX 2014/15.


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