Colour touch


The minimalistic design of these earrings allows them to be playful but also to be adaptable to an elegant outfit. The cold enamel lets the light to cross the color and light it up while swinging from the ears. Very light to wear. Each pair is entirely handmade. They can be commissioned in different colours upon request.

Materials used: Sterling silver, epoxy resin.

Size: 3.00 x 2.00 cm.

Weight per pair: about 3.3 gr

Rocks of the island of Madeira, 2014.

Watercolour sketch 

Watercolour sketch

The Royal Blue coloured earrings were first shown at Al-Kymia, an exhibition dedicated to Madeira island.

This design was inspired by the circular motion of the waves around the rocks after breaking on the volcanic cliffs overhanging the ocean.

They were afterwards showed by Gill Wing Jewellery in London in the summer 2017 exhibition BEYOND THE BLUE.