Raffaella Nisi

Raffaella’s work is influenced by her fascination on contrasts and integration. She combines materials of different value, various techniques, pigments and patina to create unique pieces and limited edition collections.

In her jewels she intends capturing evocative atmospheres from dreams or landscapes with the aim of create a resonance in the observer and engage him in an intimate dialogue about identity, aspirations, truth and authentic self expression.

She sais: “By wearing my jewels, I wish people to feel more complete and not just appear”.

Raffaella studied in Padova at Art Insitute Pietro Selvatico under the guidance of Maria Rosa Franzin and Graziano Visintin, international known artists and prestigious teachers. After moving to London in 2014 she she continued training with several renown jewellers (Elisabeth Bone, Zoe Arnold, Jessica Turrell, Vicky Forrester).

She is a member of Fluxstudios in London, from where she currently studies and works.

Raffaella Nisi